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Hazard and evacuation at Fuego, Guatemala

Ms. Antje Monshausen has a request concerning the volcanic hazard at the erupting volcano Fuego in Guatemala.

from left: Fuego, Acatenango (background) and Agua seen from Pacaya

Fuego, Acatenango and Agua seen from Pacaya

Does an volcanic hazard paper on Fuego exist?
Around Fuego

The VHDL member Ms. Antje Mohnhausen stays at the village of Siquinalá (about 20 km west of the city Escuintla). She couln't figgure out by the villagers, if an evacuation plan (instruction) concerning the hazard of Fuegos activity exists and if, how to know about it.
VHDL likes to find out and help in this case.

Adresses for research are:

Inst. Nac. de Sismologia, Vulc., Meteorologia e Hydrologia
7A Avenida14-57, Zona 13, Ciudad de Guatemala 01013
www.insivumeh.pagina.de (defekt) NEU: www.wovo.org/
Otoniel Matias (Geologist)
Ing. E Porras y Porras (Head of Volc. Section)

US Geological Survey,

3. GVN (report Oct. 2003),
Ms. Jacquelyn Gluck (gluck@volcano.si.edu)

4. VAAC (Volcanic Ash Advisory Center), Washington


The stratovolcano Fuego is 3763 meter high and had the last fatal big eruption (VEI4) occured in 1974. Many smaller eruptions followed during the last years, up to the recent eruption of Dec. 2005 eyevitneses by Chris Weber (see pictures).
Many samll settlements and fincas at the slopes of Fuego volcano in risk areas. Some bigger settlements like Alotenango or Siquinalá are to be found only

fuego fuego fuego
Pictures from the left (c)Weber, VEI: Fuego with eruption columm seen from Antigua; Lava fountain and pyroclastic flows on Fuego seen from Acatenango volcano; Lava fountain during afternoon of 27/12/05


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen from the INSIVUMEH, we would like to know, if you can provide a volcanic hazard paper on Fuego and if you have any detailed plans for the village of Siquinalá. Do the authorities in this area and this particular village know about what to do in case of emergency during a big eruption of Fuego. Maybe this village is already to far away to be in danger? If their is a danger and aren't any evacuation structures, how can we support the local villagers due to this?
Please send information to VHDL and to Ms. Anja Mohnhaus (She may contact you as well). Thank you very much for your support. In the year 1997, Chris Weber from VHDL has met Mr. Otoniel Matias at the INSIVUMEH.

Email of Ms. Antje Monshausen at Siquinalá:


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