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Eruption: TOLBACHIK 2012/2013

tolbachik 2012 tolbachik flow2012 tolbachik 2013
Images: infrared sat. images from Tolbachik area 2012 and 2013.


The massive Tolbachik basaltic volcano is located at the southern end of the dominantly andesitic Kliuchevskaya volcano group. The Tolbachik massif is composed of two overlapping, but morphologically dissimilar volcanoes. The flat-topped Plosky Tolbachik shield volcano with its nested Holocene Hawaiian-type calderas up to 3 km in diameter is located east of the older and higher sharp-topped Ostry Tolbachik stratovolcano. The summit caldera at Plosky Tolbachik was formed in association with major lava effusion about 6500 years ago and simultaneously with a major southward-directed sector collapse of Ostry Tolbachik volcano. Lengthy rift zones extending NE and SSW of the volcano have erupted voluminous basaltic lava flows during the Holocene, with activity during the past two thousand years being confined to the narrow axial zone of the rifts. The 1975-76 eruption originating from the SSW-flank fissure system and the summit was the largest historical basaltic eruption in Kamchatka.

Eruption NEWS:

Visit of a VEI team in July 2013: Lava lakes inside the new Tolbachik Krasny cone were still active. Lava flows continued down the slopes inside lava tunnels. See Images below here!
Folgende Bilder von Kamchatka 2013: Tolbachik Skyhole
Tolbachik, KAMCHATKA, (c) Weber 2013
Tolbachik view inside a lava tunnel with lava flow
Tolbachik,KAMCHATKA, (c) Weber 2013
Tolbachik Lava Lake
Tolbachik, KAMCHATKA, (c) Weber 2013
Tolbachik, KAMCHATKA, (c) Weber 2013
Tolbachik Lava close up by Adrian Rohnfelder(c)
Tolbachik, KAMCHATKA, (c) Rohnfelder 2013
Tolbachik,KAMCHATKA, (c) Weber 2013
Tolbachik, KAMCHATKA, (c) Weber 2013
Tolbachik glowing cave in a lava flow field
Tolbachik,KAMCHATKA, (c) Weber 2013
Tolbachik, KAMCHATKA, (c) Weber 2013
Our special thanks to Lost World: http://www.travelkamchatka.com
5 June-11 June 2013
KVERT reported that the S fissure along the W side of Tolbachinsky Dol, a lava plateau on the SW side of Tolbachik, continued to produce very fluid lava flows during 31 May-7 June that traveled to the W, S, and E sides of the plateau. Cinder cones continued to grow along the S fissure and weak gas-and-steam plumes were observed. A large thermal anomaly on the N part of Tolbachinsky Dol was visible daily in satellite imagery. The Aviation Color Code remained at Orange.
Sources: Kamchatkan Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT)
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